Independence Day celebration at Teen Hatti

Celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day at Teen Hatti branch! 
The Serve & Care Foundation had a fantastic time commemorating Pakistan’s Independence Day at Teen Hatti! Our event was a true embodiment of unity and pride, with families coming together to celebrate our great nation.
Creative Sparks: Our talented young artists showcased their creativity through vibrant paintings, expressing their love for Pakistan in every stroke of the brush. 
Groove to the Rhythm: The energy was electric as our kids took the stage with dance performances that showcased their enthusiasm and dedication. Their moves radiated the spirit of unity and pride that defines our nation. 
Appreciating Our Future Leaders: We took a moment to applaud the kids with exceptional attendance and performances. Their dreams and aspirations hold the key to a brighter future for Pakistan. 
Parents were an integral part of our celebration, witnessing their children’s performances with pride and joy. We were touched by their presence and the stories they shared about how education has nurtured positive habits and brought changes in their children’s lives. 
A heartfelt thank you to all the parents, volunteers, and participants who made this day extraordinary. Your support and enthusiasm fuel our mission to create a better tomorrow for our nation.
Let’s continue to serve with care, nurture positive change, and uphold the values that make Pakistan a truly remarkable place to call home.
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