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We are here for outcome, not for income

Originally founded by Roomi Merchant and Syed Yasir Afzal, the Serve & Care Foundation is a non-profit organization that aimed at financially supporting those educational institutions that worked for the underprivileged. The main idea was to gather money by organizing different courses and helping such institutions. Gradually, the Serve & Care Foundation opened its first school on the roof of a building in Garden West Karachi. The school was for those kids who were out-of-school. They were taught basic literacy through a mixture of two courses: Jugnu and Jolly Phonics.

The Serve & Care Foundation now aims to eradicate illiteracy and mental poverty among the underprivileged. The organization’s focus is to help kids, who are out of school, get admission in reputable institutions. Moreover, the organization financially supports those families who cannot afford quality education.

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What Parents Say About Us

You do a wonderful job with the kids. I have seen great improvement in both of my kids in just a few months. I'm really satisfied with this organization.


It's always a pleasure to see the kids go and study out of their own will. Even if my child is does not get admission in any school, I'm still satisfied after seeing the changes and improvement in him. Thanks a lot for the team spirit and your work!


I'm really glad to see my kids doing so well. They have shown great improvement very fast, not just academic, but overall personality development.

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