Stress Management session by Seekh

Nurturing Resilience in Our Little Stars!
At Serve & Care Foundation, we’re dedicated to the well-being and growth of our learners. With the help of Seekh, and specially Rehman Khosani we trained our learners how to combat stress.
Art Therapy: Our budding artists explored the world of colors, turning their emotions into beautiful works of art. 
Deep Breathing: Learning to find inner calm, one breath at a time. Our little ones embraced the power of deep breaths and mindfulness. 
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR): Teaching our kids to recognize and release tension in their bodies, fostering relaxation and self-awareness. 
Laughter Therapy: Laughter truly is contagious! Our little giggles echoed through the Foundation today, reminding us of the joy in the small things. 
Every lesson is a step toward building resilient, confident, and happy little individuals. 
We’re immensely proud of our young learners and their eagerness to grow, learn, and smile together. 
Stay tuned for more enriching sessions at Serve & Care Foundation!

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