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“ Its essential to design an education system that takes into account our knowledge of developing brain”

Children who experience early life toxic stress are at risk of long-term adverse health effects that may not manifest until adulthood. Students who are more anxious about their learning, their abilities, assignments and almost everything have higher levels of cortisol i.e. the hormone associated with stress. The immediate effect is that the energy which should be utilized by learning is detracted by the physiological energy that is needed by our body to regulate cortisol levels. Things like video games, little breakfast or emotional distress is also a reason for high levels of cortisol.

Of course a teacher cant consult every student about whats happening in their personal lives but they can play an important part by mitigating classroom stress.

According to many researches /psychologists positive student and teacher interaction makes big difference.

Classroom Stress may be vulnerable and might become toxic for students to severe levels. As we see rising cases of cancer among children aged between 10-20 years, chronic stress is one of the main cause therefore as a teacher you should play your role to up bring a healthy nation by trying your best to overcome classroom stress and by counselling students parents.

Of course this is a piece of puzzle to mitigate impact of toxic stress. Moreover, children who experience more severe or frequent abuse/household instability need more interventions beyond teachers.

Now query arises how to overcome this strain?

Here are some advises that is probably useful in mitigating stress:

  1. Introduce trauma knowledgeable tactics which strongly focuses on inducing values of trust,empowerment and choice.
  2. Try to hold high-quality school environment in order that it builds up long term and secure relationship between student and teacher.
  3. According to neuroscientists kids need a feeling of safety and connection so practicing high-five,handshakes might play well for them.
  4. A teacher should try best to give one-on-one time ,few minutes may be enough. Children should have their own space to take break.
  5. Pass on smile and keep your voice low,a calm rhythm of your voice may help child to feel safe.
  6. Ultimate and the maximum vital ensure that your students have nutritious meals and participates in extracurricular activities.

Author: Tazeen Aijaz

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