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In the realm of academia, the idea of behind training and learning is often overlooked. Since both the notions keeps education at its center, it may be because of this that their difference is often missed out and bears a potential slip into setting wrong expectations from their sponsoring programs. To avoid that trap, it is critical that we distinguish between the two of them and analyze their importance in development and upbringing of their recipients.

So, what is Training? According to the literature, Training is a transfer of a certain set of skills to accomplish a tack. It is a short-lived process in which the recipient is equipped with ways of working around a fix set of objectives and is garnered with the relevant skills set to reach that objective. It is said to be more practical form of transferring the skill and is widely used in office set-ups where employees are attuned to do certain tasks on their own.

On the other hand, learning defined as a process, rather than an activity, of absorbing information and retaining it to be used in various forms to achieve goals, rather than short-lived objectives. The idea of learning revolves around acquiring knowledge and building a strong understanding around it that prepares the recipients to tackle broader challenges in situations that arise.

For an effective learning experience, to me, both the ideas go hand to hand. However, their demarcation is crucial to be called to set the expectations right. There are things in which individuals are trained at, like classroom manners, social conduct, or running a computer software while there are others in which individuals are made to learn, like the subjects studied inside classrooms. However, there room for overlap lies between the two which is mostly driven by individuals who are curious to explore the details. However, the general orientation remains widely the same.

The point here is to be clear on the difference and ask the right questions. Training forums generally may avoid going into the details of the specifics and equip to accomplish certain tasks with proficiency. While learning forums may provide a deeper theoretical understanding of the ideas behind a phenomenon and prepares to handle multiple like situations through a strongly foundation behind. As individuals and parents too, it is our role to identify areas where we seek either of the two streams and set clear priorities. This can enable into becoming more effective in accomplishing our goals while dealing with obstacles fluently and efficiently as they unfold, demanding to achieve short-lived tasks to overcome them.


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Author: Danial Pirani

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