Education as a right


Education can be defined as the acquisition of knowledge and skills that has the power of altering and reshaping our minds, our thought processes, and our lives. It creates a man out of an animal. It means access to a better lifestyle, allowing us to rectify and improve ourselves in introspection and also contribute to the welfare of those around us.

Therefore, the holistic purpose and benefits of receiving education can not be questioned. Understanding that education is of utmost importance for every human being is what makes us strive to increase its accessibility.

Of most importance from all, is the education of a child. Every child has a right to education yet nearly 22.8 million or 32pc of children in Pakistan do not have access to education which is the second highest number of out-of-school children (OOSC) in the entire world. This 32pc of out-of-school children in Pakistan has highest contribution from Balochistan (47pc of 32pc) and Sindh (44pc of 32pc). These numbers are a shock in and of themselves, reflecting our failure as a nation in providing one of the basic requirements of life.

In fact, the literacy rate of Pakistan has reportedly been ‘Stagnant’ at 60pc since 2014. There are, as we may be aware, inevitable consequences of poor education levels for any country. Especially in present times of rapid growth around the world.

Hence, as the world keeps progressing, this lack of education for the younger generation in particular could only predict Pakistan receding even further.

Author: Javeria Khalid

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