Importance of Right to Education


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

Education is important these days, it can help in upbringing of an individual and will make them fit for the tasks of citizenship; Furthermore, when you are not educated you can hardly understand the politics of citizenship in this world.

Educations allows children with the aspect of diversity and pluralism; Moreover, they can build healthy relationship by blending in with other kids belonging to different places with different cultures, languages and many other things, which can indirectly help them boost their self-esteem and confidence.

The right to education is important as it is the human right of every individual and crucial for the nourishment of all other human claims. Quality education struggles for making a fully developed human being, also it is the most powerful instrument which can lift children form poverty and from all other social issues.

The lack of education limits the people to improve their quality of life as they wouldn’t be able to avail opportunities. Further, the lack of education promotes through discrimination between genders, race and color. Thus, the society should look upon this matter to provide education to all levels of income freely to make people versatile and give equal rights to everyone.

There are many benefits which the right to education provides us with. Firstly, it has brought many positive changes in the term of ease of education, also as mentioned above the most prominent benefit that it provides us is individual upbringing, boosting individual’s confidence.

Education is not limited to just knowledge of books or subjects but can also be attained from practical experiences of life outside the classroom. The experiences of life allow us to gain a lot of knowledge which has unlimited future benefits.

Especially for a modern era, education consist of utmost importance, there are so many opportunities coming in our way and education can help us interpret and avail what we should as truth and what we should deny or reject as false, Education can mold people into functional members of society with the right kinds of values. Therefore, we all should follow certain guidelines to help release the right of education.

  • We should spread awareness on the right to education. If entities would be aware of their rights, they would be empowered to claim them with confidence
  • We should screen and analyze the enactment of the right if schooling and should report immediately against violations.
  • We should start a campaign on right of education.
  • Instantly seek remedies against violations of the right to education.

All in all, every citizen must get a chance to be educated, then only they’ll be able stand for their own rights, they’ll be able to judge, and can spot the difference between right or wrong and also will be able to prove that their stance equally matters.

Author: Areeza Amin

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