Sign of a failed society


There’s hardly any person not aware of child beggars. It’s almost an epidemic in many countries including Pakistan, however, we barely address this crucial problem. Maybe it is the horrors linked to it that although we are aware about them, we choose not to speak about it. It’s a stigma.

A child is a blessing, and the parents in turn are expected to provide care for them, nurture them, trim their potentials into maturity and watch them contributing their quota towards betterment of the society. A child is a minor and through-out the growing phase, they need to be under care, warmth, and safety of either their parents or guardians. On the other hand, a beggar is an individual whose source of livelihood is at the mercy of the people. They move from one location to the other begging people for money, food, clothes, etc., most of them even lack shelter and they are often mal-nourished.

However, it is unfortunate that a great deal of people in today’s world are poverty stricken understandably due to which children that are brought up under such penury experience a poor quality of life. This, and perhaps child neglect could be considered to be the course of child beggars, hence, addressing this issue cannot be more emphasized in devising means of tackling this social menace from the root.

This issue today is predominant in Pakistan, and it is worrisome. What is the future holding for such children and Pakistan? Should we stay a silent observer to the misery of these children? It is incredibly sorrowful to imagine the life of a child beggar. They are minors, who require protection and care. So, when opposed to that a child, in such crucial age, is exposed to harsh circumstances that force him to partake in begging, then that is the sign of a failed society. A society that could not provide a good life for its children.

Conclusively, it is high time that this social problem is nipped in the bud before it degenerates into stronghold. I will sincerely urge the people and the government of Pakistan to collectively work towards eradicating this social issue by taking strict actions, and we may simply begin that by talking about it more.

Author: Bada Olaitan

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